Friday, 26 November 2010

Travels with my camera...

So i took my 'Haunto-vision' camera out with me this week and travelled to my old home town of Redcar in Cleveland to see all my old 'haunts'. Places that kinda scared me a bit..
There was one particular street called westmorland street where a friend lived and i remember it was quite a claustrophic looking street, quite narrow like a darkened corridor where the houses towered over like old rotting tree's..

Monday, 22 November 2010

Places everybody!

Those splendid folk from Hong Kong in the 60's have lovingly provided a gorgeous little EP filled with rich haunted rhythm and rhyme..
The eloquently titled 'Places' actually takes you 'places' in your mind with it's beatuiful retro-phoric soundscape's and memories that never were..
There's some delightful synthy little tracks on here such as the lovely 'Exploring the landscape' and 'Now boarding/the arrival'.
Even Jon Brooks pops in to sculpture the beautiful and ethereal track 'Disintegration' to wondrous proportions..
Its short and sweet and really should have money thrown at it but ya cant! Cos it's free to download! Such as the loveliness of the band!

You can download this lovely EP here

Friday, 19 November 2010

The Railway Mix is here!

At long last!

All Aboard for the Railway mix!
Travel in comfort and style throughout all of Europe and beyond with Bernard Cribbins!,John Hurt!,Jimmy Saville!

The train leave's from this platform here....

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New EP incoming...

Just a quick word to tell you about my forthcoming EP entitled 'Radiospace' which is going to be out if not December then definately January. Hopefully i'll have it released through 'Bandcamp' also.
The main theme of the album is a take on the sci-fi radiophonic themes of the 70's and 80's.
Some of you may have heard teasers on the old soundcloud already.

Anyway.. Just to give you a bit of a taster here's the 'proposed' album cover.. ;)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Soulless Central Mix Tape

Good morning all.

To celebrate the opening of this here new blog of mine i thought i'd put together one of them mixtapes. It's a mish mash of all things encompassing and infuencing this blog right now. Oh and my own music doesnt feature.. I'll be releasing an EP soon... ;)

Meantime.. Enjoy the mix...

Pye Corner Audio

A gritty echo here..a crackle and pop there.. Can only mean one thing. The Head Technician is hard at it back at Pye Corner's tape lab.

The end result of his laboratorial labours is this...

Ensconsed in haunting wonder and mysteries of the unexplained the tracks often beg the listener to ask such questions as.. "Where did these sounds come from?" or "why did they leave these tapes behind? Is it a message?" and even, "where the hell's Black Mill? I want to go now!".

A splendid addition to any hauntological collection. This album comes hartily recommended by such master's of their craft as Jon Brooks and the gentle folk of the Moon Wiring Club. What more could you ask for?

For more info and Technical banter go to Pye Corner Audio