Wednesday, 4 August 2010

"You're a big man, but you're out of shape".... The end of an era...

Alas the infamous 'Get Carter' Car Park in Gateshead UK is finally coming down..

A sad sight to see as it was a bit of a legendary building. Old, haunting, classic 50/60's architecture this building overlooked Gateshead like a hulking giant and attracted visitors from all over the world thanks to its popularity from the Michael Caine movie..


  1. Does the English Heritage foundation cover 20th century modern architecture? Cos it's a shame that something so iconic was torn down...

  2. I constantly despair that so few people 'get' minimalist architecture such as Luder's, but we live in a world where 'Hotter Than My Daughter' is a popular TV show and Raoul Moat is going down in history as a hero.

    The art of this kind of structure is in the fact that it's an efficient study on limited resources. It's about creating space with alternative means (a bit like mixing a record without reverb and having to think about creating the front-to-back depth in other ways). The curves are there, nuances are there. People who dismiss these buildings as 'ugly' haven't learned to see.

    Ah well, all down to personal taste.

    - Jb.

  3. I think people grow up too quickly. Hence the pathetic commercialized world we live in.. Its all fast moving and everything that came before is forgotten in a heartbeat. Shame really. Does that make us history snobs then? To them it does.