Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The 'secret project' has landed...

Finally, The Electronic Encounters album is here.. Relax, and drift away to another cosmos or imagine you're part of this classic Spielberg movie. Enjoy sounds from the likes of the brilliant Pye Corner Audio, the lovely Golau Glau or enjoy the light heartedness of the sublime Dolly Dolly..
Drift off to another galaxy with the dreamy sounds of Neil Fellowes or communicate with another species with the funky Sublevel, or why not Check out Devil's Tower with the likes of Vic Mars and The Soulless Party.. All these artist's feature and more with ELECTRONIC ENCOUNTERS...

Download your FREE copy now from here


  1. Downloaded it on Friday. Was having a grim day up to then. But once I started listening the day got better. No favorite tracks. All really good. 1st Class.

  2. It is quite the magnificent octopus. Good job by all involved.

  3. I'm sculpting mashed potato whilst listening.