Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Electronic Encounters - The Special Edition is out now..

For anyone interested.. The joint sci-fi project that is 'Electronic Encounters - The Special Edition' is out now..

Lots of new artists added to the throng and some CE3K style artwork freely downloadable too!
Grab your FREE copy here


  1. Have not popped by for a while, so very pleased to see this special edition.
    Strange thing was that my Daughter and I were watching the film Super 8 today, so thought now would be a good time to introduce her to CE3K.
    Which got me then thinking about Electronic Encounters, and then thinking I have not been to Soulless Central for a while. Funny how it all works out.
    Have just downloaded it. Love the new tunes on the special edition.

    1. Cheers Keith!

      Another nice thing that has come out of the whole Electronic Encounters experience is the amount of people who have gone on to watch the movie for the first time as a result of listening to the album.

      I hope your daughter enjoyed it Keith and thanks for coming back to SC! ;)