Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Golau Glau - Myrrh & Myth EP

Aaaaaaaah.... Dont you just love being all warm and cozy inside?.. Especially when we're undergoing such harsh, freezing conditions out there!
Well here's something that will definately warm the cockles...

Golau Glau are back with some lovely warm merriment. Often squidgy, synthy noisesmiths but here we find Golau Glau in reflective, wintery mood which kind of captures the spirit of the season but also the times we live in.. you may even detect hints of Cocteau Twins and if you listen carefully.. a bit of Mike Oldfield! But thats no bad thing.. cos those are the kind of lovely ethereal sounds you want for this time of year.

The stand out track for me is Oak moon. Its the winter solstice today and what better track to have on as you break out the mulled wine and mull over the past year...

Oak Moon from Golau Glau on Vimeo.

Why not spoil yourself this festive season? Download this album, Its free ! And is without doubt music you just wanna be lazy to! I wanna curl up on the sofa next to a roaring fire, with the telly on mute showing images of Noel Edmonds, listening to this album.. In fact i'm gonna do that just now..

Anyone gotta match?

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