Friday, 25 February 2011

New Hong Kong in the 60's album.. Now!

Dreamy, dreamy... so damn dreamy! Thats why i love this bunch so much...

Here for the first time in british air, is the much awaited release of HK60's first proper album 'My Fantoms'..

Capturing the forgotten past that never was and sounds of 60's/70's stereo test albums, My Fantoms oozes a summery, breeziness that basically makes you want to be lying in some corn field in Devon or somewhere with a loved one watching the clouds drift by..

Particular floaty driftiness is found in tracks like 'At your Door'(love that synth in the mid8), 'All at sea' and the title track itself..

Often times i am reminded of early Saint Etienne in Fox Base Alpha mode.. Lovely!

A track that immediately makes me quite excited in a rather nerdy way is the wibbly wobbly 'Les Petits Chasseurs Au Bord Du Lac Lunaire', a synthy affair that sounds like a cross between very early Depeche Mode B-Sides and Alan Hawkshaw..

All in all, a very pleasurable listening experience and an album which for sure i will be listening very close to this summer.. ;)

You can download Fantoms from here

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