Friday, 25 February 2011

Label to watch..

Gotta put a good word out for this bloke.

Dan Hoal from Los Angeles is a rather dab hand at knocking out a good tune and his production/engineering work is second to none.. He's worked with the likes of Aimee Mann, The French Kicks and more notably the great Nancy Sinatra.

He's just launched his own record label 'Hollywood Fly Records' which promises to deliver some quality, down to earth bands and music.

The man has great and varied taste in music. You only have to hear what he's doing with the brilliant up and coming Kid Moxie..

I may sound a bit biased here as i've also had the pleasure to work with the Moxies and Dan but i have to say, i do look forward to hearing new things from these guys and the label.

Check out Dans new label and Kid Moxie here

Good luck Dan. ;)


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