Saturday, 5 March 2011

So it's here at last.
The first EP release from Soulless Party.
Inspired by 70's/80's british science fiction shows, 'Exploring Radio Space' plays like a document of 'Found Phonics' that were plucked from radio waves sent into space..
Hope you enjoy it..

Exploring Radio Space is available to buy at Bandcamp..
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  1. I am really loving this EP!
    My fave track is Airshow '77,but I like all of them a lot.The vintage sci-fi influences are all apparent to me as I am also a big fan of that era.Great electronics and atmosphere.

  2. Thank you Gav. Your kind words are always welcome sir! ;)

  3. Have just uploaded Test Transmission Archive Reel 3 onto Mixcloud
    Have included your fine track Exploring Radio Space on this one.