Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sublevel - Total Erosion

Do you miss the 70's? Even if you hadnt existed in the 70's, i bet some of you still wished you had!

Well, i've found a way to transport yourself back to that particularly 'zowie' time, and thats through the medium of music.. Sublevel's music to be precise!
This is Sublevel's first proper release, and it's entitled 'Total Erosion'..

Strap in, switch on and you'll soon find yourself on a cool, crisp leisurely cruise through low tempo disco beats and soft retro synthesis..

You will definately feel transported back to a time that was but wasn't.. If you know what i mean.. ;)

Total Erosion is available to buy through Bandcamp at the loving price of £10..
Here is the link



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